Issues of Who is Eating What

This article was written when taunted by the folllowing comment from a pro-cattle protagonist:

” I’m wondering why people don’t understand that it is NOT cattle that are the reason wild horses are gathered? Cows don’t generally breed with horses, thereby increasing the horse population on the range.”

My response. And I wonder why people think wild horses eat all the grass and drink all the water, when cattle mowing and sheep shearing (to the 3rd power of population of wild horses and burros) certainly must have a HUGE part in that.  Why do you suppose that fact is never dealt with or even acknowledged?  And by the way, BLM does perform and issue EAs when they are out there filling those grazing permits – right?  Could you forward one that was done around your place?  Don’t have one?  I think the American publoic needs to see how bad the cattle and sheep are for the range.  LOL!  But wait, those studies have been done.  And they hands down – strip back the covers of deceit.  CATTLE and SHEEP  consume extraordinary amounts of forage, producing a small percentage of marketable meat – making sense that you all need so much land with only so much forage.  Well, last I saw – that is federal land.  That’s my land too.  And this very same land has been guaranteed a home to the horses and burros.  The Act actually does contain law signed yb the President that if horses and cattle or sheep are on the same land and the range deteriorates – the CATTLE and SHEEP will be taken OFF.  But some small town backwater ill begotten sinner overturned President Nixon’s law and gave money grubbing rights back to CATTLE and SHEEP and “multiple use” became just another way of saying “F*&k you to the American people and their President.

But let’s get back to why cattle and sheep are given so much leeway when they go about their DESTRUCTIVE and WASTEFUL use of the range.  Taking 100lbs of feed to produce 1lb of useable meat.  NO wonder you all need more and more land.  You have USED up the your grand-daddys ranched on.  I been out there – it is almost a desert.  You should be ashamed of yourselves.

And could it because there is MONEY to be made with the cattle and sheep and not so much horses unless you want to skulk around at night and take the horses and burros to slaughter.  But that is a bunch of extra work and – hey BLM will do it for you.

Try not to irritate people when you want to start a conversation. And don’t even think that your grazing permits are safe – tell your rancher/cattle/slaughter friends that.  What makes you think all this taunting you all do is not going to have consequences.  This is America remember – not the land of the bully – it is the land of the free.  You’re grazing your cattle/sheep on OUR land, the mining – OUR land, your foreign investors – OUR land, hunting – OUR ANIMALS, the horses and burros – OURS.  If it is not a cooperative relationship – then everyone needs to go home, take your toys (cattle, sheep etc) with you and my people will get in touch with your people and we can start over.   Maybe.  We all might get used to the peace.


2 responses to “Issues of Who is Eating What

  1. Great start! Peace would be nice. Give us 10 years to do some work and maybe the results would be so positive the neigh sayers will just go home and die of old age.

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