Please Comment on the BLM Plan to Eradicate Wyoming Herds Today!!

It is too late to comment on the EA for this series of rondups that BLM has negotiated with this grazing association. But keep your ears to the ground for developments as this very dirty plan comes up out of the sewer it was conceived in to the fresh air if accountablity. After consideration of the many comments by the public, I am sure BLM will have to make its case very carefully, and well they should.

Rachel Reeves Photography

I wish I could step out of life for a while.

Yesterday I stepped out my door at 5 a.m. and didn’t step foot back in until 8 p.m. A full-time job, a two hour round-trip to said job, four horses who all need a lot of time and attention to their training, every other weekend taking care of my Gramma in another state, the occasional attempt to keep this photography thing going, cleaning up after the massive rainfalls in Colorado, responding to NEPA documents put out by the BLM … I am freaking burnt out. And the funny thing is, I don’t really have it that bad. How much busier are my dear readers with spouses and children on top of all the stuff I just rambled off?

So I get it. Life is busy.

That makes it hard to find time to be a wild horse advocate. Sitting down…

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